This is the first of the SB59/TV’s to arrive. Same specs as the SB59/V but with their new True Vintage finish. The body is not Antiqued (Distressed) making for a nice clean look. The top on this guitar is off the charts. It even looks better in person

Below is an explanation of the new finish from Eastman

“It is with this mission in mind that we are excited to share with you the creation of a superior and environmentally friendly finish called Truetone. Just as thin and great sounding as our previous nitrocellulose finish, this new topcoat offers maximum protection for the fretted instrument while consciously minimizing the footprint it leaves on our planet.

The most difficult challenge we faced when developing this new finish was finding the delicate balance between hardness and flexibility that didn’t compromise the resonance or signature tone that makes an Eastman. By implementing a two part modified urethane topcoat we emerged with Truetone – a finish that never sacrifices the sound of tradition.”