The all-new Baker-T Classic 2023 is our latest precision-built American-made T-Style electric guitar. This Baker-T has fantastic new features, such as our much sought-after pickup design by Matthew Larrivée, custom polished stainless steel hardware, and exclusive vintage electronics. When you first put the new Baker-T Classic in your hands, you can tell right away this is not just another T-Style Guitar. Every detail has been thought out and meticulously crafted, inside and out, to bring you one of the best-sounding and most versatile T-Style guitars today. The body is crafted from single-piece ultra-light American Swamp Ash and weighs in on average at a comfortable 6-7 pounds. The Baker-T Classic comes with a quartersawn Indian Rosewood fretboard on a hard maple neck for that warm, spacious tone you find on our Baker-T Pro. The neck is fitted to the body using only premium stainless steel machine screws and precision threaded inserts. And when it comes to the bridge, we’ve designed a new exclusive double-cut from thick polished stainless steel, no plating, and custom large-diameter marine brass barrel saddles. Most importantly, our newly designed in-house made pickups provide superior balance and are perfectly matched. The bridge pickup features AlNiCo 3 wide-diameter magnets that have been custom mirrored for a cool 3D effect. The neck pickup features custom-made wide-diameter AlNiCo 6 Magnets. These provide a sweet, complete, balanced tone in the neck position. True to our high standards, the neck pickup is covered with a genuine nickel-silver cover. Sorry, no subpar coated brass here! Each pickup is wound with 43 gauge plain enamel wire and spun on a 60-year-old vintage Leesona pickup winder. How cool is that? Both pickups are lightly potted in a mix of Parrafin and Beewax. The control plate is one of our favorite features of the Baker-T Classic. We have shifted the volume knob back about 3/8 of an inch, giving you more room between the CRL 3-Way Switch and the Bourns ultra-smooth potentiometers. And get this, we dug into Matthew’s private collection of vintage paper-in-oil capacitors for the linear tone pot. Finally, everything is connected to a Pure Tone 4-point jack, so your cable will never come loose during rigorous playing. Finally, our headstocks are painted to match the body and fitted with high-end Gotoh SDS-510 tuners for ultra-smooth precision. And the multi-layer CNC-made pickguard and control are secured with brass inserts and machine screws!